Foil Facts AFICA Radiation Resistance Reflection & Emissions – May 2019

Radiation Resistance Capabilities of Double Sided Aluminium Foil Insulation Materials
* Conditional on Existence of Adjoining Airspaces | Expressed As “Reflection” and “Emission”


  1. Double-sided foil insulations: REFLECTION and EMISSION functioning in all positions.
  2. Single-sided (anti-glare) roll foil: REFLECTION or EMISSION is functioning, but not both.Walls: in summer, only low emission occurring, but will cease if R1.5-2.5 batts press against foil.
  3. Sloping ceilings: in hot climates, two foil radiant barriers needed for dual hot/cold climates, use a combination of bulk and foil, with 50-100mm airgap between foil and batts.


FOIL FACTS – 1 AFICA Radiation Resistance Reflection & Emissions – May2019

Radiant Barrier versus Fiberglass Insulation Hot Box Test

Interested in seeing the effectiveness of radiant barriers? Watch this short video from, the leader in reflective foil insulation. This hour long hot box test is condensed down to a few minutes but clearly shows how a radiant barrier can control the amount of heat gain in an area. Watch the thermometers as the temperature in the side with just fiberglass insulation goes through the roof, literally!