Aluminium Foil Insulation Council of Australia Inc. (2019)

It is the task of the new foil insulation group AFICA to promote the unique thermal benefits of aluminium foil insulations, and to reactivate the case for mandatory control measures for reducing radiation entry into all residential buildings, using demonstrated technologies based on ‘real world’ installed insulation performance under uniform ‘level playing field’ temperature conditions for all insulation materials, as opposed to the traditional static laboratory testing method used for bulk insulations.

The proven benefits of reflecting radiant heat under residential roofs across Australia is well known to the ABCB, as reported in the August 2018 report of the Senate Inquiry –Impacts of Climate Change on Housing.

What is needed now, as it was 20 years ago, is to undertake ‘real house’ testing of insulation systems, by a completely new independent research team, as opposed to continuous dependence on upgrading NatHERS computer modelling, when NatHERS is not validated by Australian house testing representative of the wide variety of differing climates and building construction. The splitting of NatHERS into summer and winter cooling loads, announced but unexplained in the NCC 2019 changes, will be inadequate to meet ‘heat stress resilience’ requirements to be factored into the NCC 2022.The new foil association AFICA is the only body capable of defending foil insulations, and guiding foil usage, which includes re-educating tertiary academic institutions about the ‘lost history’ of reflective insulations.

News reports during 2018, stated that by 2030, 50 deg C days will become frequent for both Sydney and Melbourne. This has been highlighted earlier in the 2013 Univ SA research. Regulators and Standards avoid discussion of actual realistic radiation impacts upon buildings. This highlights the need for climate adaptation strategies to counter rising heat levels, for reducing cooling running costs, as well as human survival in the event of mechanical failure in cooling appliances, or the failure of the power grid when power shedding occurs.Why does the ABCB rely on the same consultants over and over again and expect to get different or better results, without undertaking a nationwide Australian house testing program, at arms length from large private building products companies?

COVID-19 News

Report in July, 2020 reveal that airborne viruses need to be neutralised by increased natural ventilation, and recirculating airconditioning systems posed increased risk of viral transmission. Endorsed by 239 international authors.

The COVID-19 crisis further highlights the intersection and conflict of building energy efficiency and indoor air quality. This report further justifies a radical overhaul of Australia’s residential building energy efficiency regulations which are based on sealed energy tight houses.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” (Attribution to Albert Einstein)

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