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AFICA Membership Benefits

Reflective foil insulation products have not been properly defended for several years. Now it is the time for a new approach, a new foil association.
Support reflective foil manufacturers, distributors, ensure the media, and consumers are informed to the benefits of reflective foil insulation.
Defend foil insulation manufacturers & distributors from sudden, unexpected & contentious condensation changes in the NCC May 2019.
We promote aluminium foil insulations in the design of buildings as a permanent and continuous resistance against radiant heat transfer.
Benefit Promotion
We promote the thermal benefits of aluminium foil insulation which includes determining its suitability for the relevant climate.
Research & Development
We pursue testing facilities with controlled environment chambers to test insulation products for thermal, fire, moisture transmission properties.
We give the foil insulation industry a strong presence in the pursuit of building energy efficiency, considering successful use of foil since 1953.
Pursue Standards Australia
Aluminium Foil Insulation Council of Australia Inc continues to pursue Standards Australia representation on Standards Committee BD 58.
Fit For Purpose
We demand that referenced insulation standards are proven in a ‘Dynamic State’ and be ‘fit for purpose’ and provide Public Net Benefit.

AFICA Mission Statement

The promotion as a solution, of reflective aluminium foil insulation solar radiation shields for homes and many buildings, which is the most important defence to ensuring humans survive increasing heat from the everchanging climate.

Support the Aluminium Foil Insulation Council of Australia Inc by becoming a member today.

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